Orders included in the Core Concepts category are for Admin's of North Commerce stores.

Order Statuses

The order page in the admin area of North Commerce displays your 10 latest orders and will automatically sort your orders based on status. The available orders statuses are: 1. All 2. Created 3. Fulfilled 4. Scheduled 5. On Hold 6. Unfulfilled

All: Includes all of your orders no matter the status of a particular order which can and may include orders that were started but never paid for e.g abandoned cart orders, orders paid for but not fulfilled

Created: These are orders that are currently in the checkout process or have been abandoned. In future releases of North Commerce you will be able to set a time limit for customers orders that dictates when they official become "abandoned".

Fulfilled: These are orders that have been paid for and fulfilled in some way. You print a shipping label and ship your product, the customer has come to your business and picked up the order. Fulfilled means your product has been sent or given to your customer.

Scheduled: These are orders that are on a subscription. You may offer a subscription service and here you will be able to see and manage all of your subscription orders. Scheduled orders are orders that have not yet been paid for or fulfilled but will be on a future date.

On Hold: These are orders that have been delayed for some reason, it could be waiting for the correct shipping details or for a certain type of payment to clear before you send it off to the customer.

Unfulfilled: These are orders that have been paid for but have not yet been sent to or picked up by the customer.

We may add or remove order statuses in the future.

Order Information (List View)

As you begin receiving orders for your store you will see some important data available to you at a glance

In the example image above I have 5 orders that have been paid for but have yet to be fulfilled. At a glance I am able to see: 1. The customer's Order ID 2. The status of the order, in this case it is Unfulfilled 3. The customers name and you will notice next to the customers name there is a dropdown arrow. If I click that I can see more information about that customers. I'm able to easily see the customers email.

  1. The customers total line items purchased

  2. The total amount spent by a customer

  3. The payment status of the order to confirm the order has truly been paid for

  4. The date the order was created

Viewing a Single Order

In order to view a single order you must click the Order ID.

Once you open a single order you will see more details about the order, the customers, shipping & billing information.

Updating an Order Status

Towards the top left of the single order page you will see the order ID and the current status of the order. If you want to update the status of the order you can hover over the current status Unfulfilled and update the status by clicking it to reveal the dropdown of options.

Based on the needs of your store you are able to choose one of these status options to help you and your team know what needs to be or has been done with that particular order. The status of the order will automatically be updated once you select the new status you want to set.

Viewing Shipment Tracking For an Order

Just below and to the right of the order statuses you will see a "Show More" dropdown text.

Once you have clicked "Show More" you will see 3 labels: 1. Shipment Point - This is where you order/package is been sent to. The customer's shipping address 2. Tracking # - This is the tracking number from the carrier. e.g UPS, USPS, DHL 3. Estimated Delivery - This is the estimated delivery for the package based on data we receive from Easy Post via the North Commerce Easy Post integration

Customer Order Metadata

The right column of the single order page has all of the customers information, their name, contact information, payment method, shipping address and billing address

Order Timeline

The order timeline will show a history of events and activaty for a specific order. This feature is currently unavailable as of 3/17/2023

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