In this article we cover how you can connect Stripe to North Commerce and start accepting payments from customers in less than 3 minutes. This instruction assumes you already have the plugin installed
Once you have the North Commerce plugin activated you will need to navigate to the Integrations page of the plugin. You can do this one of two ways. By selecting Integrations from the side submenu of North Commerce or by clicking Integrations from the primary navigation menu at the top of the plugin menus.
Places you can click to get to the integrations area
Now that you are on the integrations page you will see our Stripe card as the second item in the list.
The North Commerce built-in Stripe integration

Activating The Stripe Integration

In order to begin the process of connecting your Stripe account to North Commerce you can activate the integration by clicking on the toggle
North Commerce Stripe activation toggle

Connecting to Stripe

Almost instantly after you do that the Stripe Settings Modal will appear and you can connect your account by clicking the Connect with Stripe button and logging into your Stripe and selecting the account you want to connect.
Click on the Connect with Stripe button to connect your Stripe account

Select Your Stripe Account

Now that you have logged into Stripe select the Stripe account you want to use (if you have more than one)
Once you click connect it may prompt you to confirm your password or enter a 2-factor authentication password and then will redirect you back to North Commerce
Successful Stripe Connection
Click save to confirm the connection
By default you will see North Commerce's Stripe integration is automatically in Test Mode you can click the toggle to switch between Test Mode and Live Mode
Test Mode Active
Live Mode Active

Remove Stripe Connection

Hover over the Stripe card and click on the gear icon
Stripe Settings Button
Then you will click on the Remove Stripe Integration button to remove the Stripe connection from your North Commerce store