Cart Icon

We have created a special shortcode so that you can easily add a cart icon inside your navigation.

There are 2 types of cart icon shortcodes so please read carefully.

  1. Menu item shortcodes - These live directly in your navigation along with your other menu items.

  2. Standard Shortcode - This is a standard shortcode that can be placed next to a menu item. This is great for those times when you have a hamburger menu on mobile and want your cart icon to live next to that.

Navigate to Appearance -> Menus in your WordPress admin area.

In order to add the cart icon to your navigation create a custom link and add it to your navigation.

For the URL you will add #nc-cart-icon# and the label can be anything you want. Note that the label will not show on your navigation just the cart icon.

You are also able to update the cart icon and the it's colors in the North Commerce General Settings

You are able to upload new icons, change the cart icon, counter text color and background color.

Standard Shortcode

There is no special updates to this cart icon shortcode. Just add it anywhere you'd like


Above is the shortcode that you will be able to add anywhere. In the future we will add a more robust customizable cart icon shortcode that will give you more freedom to add custom icons and colors.

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