View Admin Hook Names

Anywhere that our template manager has been implemented you will be able to hook into before or after.

In order to quickly view that you can run this code in the admin area

 add_action('nc_before_template', function($path, $root, $hook_name) {
    echo "[nc_before_{$root}_{$hook_name}_template]<br>";
  },10, 3);
  add_action('nc_after_template', function($path, $root, $hook_name) {
    echo "[nc_after_{$root}_{$hook_name}_template]<br>";
  },10, 3);

The above code will render the names of the hooks for both the before and after templates. The name of the hook will be wrapped in brackets and will look something like the image. This is why its critical to be using our template manager for every component in North Commerce.

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